News Programs


2:00 – 02:30 P.M.

with Denzel Almanzor and Jasmine Gonzales

The flagship newscast of Green FM airing every Mondays to Thursdays at 2:00 PN until 2:30 PM. TutokLasalyano broadcasts news with truthfulness and no bias applying the journalist code of KapisananngmgaBrodkasterngPilipinas or KBP. It should have regular student anchors, preferably a tandem, delivering news with credibility and integrity. In cases where regular anchors cannot go on air, they should assign people from the news department to anchor the program but this appointment is subject to approval of the chief announcer to ensure qualified announcer will be heard on air.
TutokLasalyano broadcasts news briefs or news packages with beats covering, but not limited to, national news, politics, local news, international news, science and technology/medicine/health news, sports/business news, weather news and oddity/campus news. All news briefs and news packages must be written by news staff and as much as possible must be read by them live over the phone. The show also broadcasts the day’s weather reported by Maricris Santos.


04:00 P.M. – 05:00 PM
Anchored by Aurora Quadra-Balibay

News program focusing on various media and communication technology news, trends and updates. Anchored by Communication and Journalism faculty, Aurora Quadra-Balibay , the show presents news reports by Broadcast Journalism and Communication students, interviews media experts, and presents critique and analyses of developments in the field of radio, television, film, print, online and mobile media.


11:00 A.M - 12:00 NN

Hosted by Erika Bianca Lasay and JC Cosico

It features the life of a known personality inside and outside the campus. Its main objective is to inspire radio listeners with the achievements and success of the featured guest. Through personal questions the program aims to know the side of the guest that is unfamiliar to most people who know him/her.
One on One Usapan should have regular host from one of the members in News Department. The host should possess credibility and must have jolly personality to keep the conversation light and entertaining. Also the show needs a co-host from News Department for its two segments: 1 on 1 investigates and Sino si Juan?
One on One Usapan should have at least 3 gaps per episode.


02:45 - 04:00 P.M.
The show primarily features educational and informative documentaries made by Lasallian students that cater human interest. The documentaries it airs which have duration of 10 to 12 minutes each could be about events, current news/trends and even profile of certain famous person.Some stories could be about important events from the past and just re-establishing it but in a more different way to entice listeners. Generally, the show aims to inform, educate and at the same time to entertain the listeners.
Dokyu 959 requires one regular host from any of the news department team. The assigned head writer should be keen and creative in writing spiels in each documentary story. The show airs at least 3 stories to be picked and ranked by the producer to which the latter must comply with the criteria.


02:00 – 02:30 P.M.
Anchored by Bea Paola Mondares and Rafael Santos

The program broadcasts detailed information of the latest news, consisting of news briefs or news packages with beats covering national news, politics, local news, international, science and technology/medicine/health news, sports/business news and campus news to be delivered by the anchors and live over the phone broadcasting of field reporters. It also presents weather reports for the weekend.Aside from the news reading, Tutok Lasalyano Weekender has segments namely Balitang Lasalyano and Punto Detalyado.
Balitang Lasalyano will feature news from different Lasallian Universities inside and outside the country; While Punto Detalyado has a radio commentary
format that will show the different points of the chosen headline and the announcers’ own take on the topic. @ 95.9 GREEN FM

4:00 – 5:00 PM
Anchored by Aurora Quadra-Balibay with Abraham Tayao

The newest radio show of the DLSU-D radio station features news from and fresh stories of positive action, triumphs and inspirational stories gathered by the Green FM student team along with Broadcast Journalism and Communication students of the Communication and Journalism Department of the College of Liberal Arts and Communication.


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